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If you are looking to help other people dramatically change their lives for the better, and are seeking to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist, then Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training (or CPHT) in Plymouth, Devon may be the best place for you to become trained, accredited, and on your way to becoming a practitioner.

With this training comes complete full NCFE accreditation, practical training, and the ability to become a practitioner in order to help others with depression and anxiety in a clinical or medical setting. Becoming a CPHT graduate is an excellent endeavour; we even offer a payment plan so you can get your training done and become a practitioner without worrying about paying everything upfront.

Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training is a training body used across the nation, including in our training location of Plymouth, Devon. Our standards are high and reputation is known nationwide. We encourage our graduates to begin practising within two days of the beginning of courses, and beyond. This is a practical experience exercise that combines education and practical clinical work immediately, giving you the confidence and understanding that only comes with this mixture of experience and study.

So many students earn back the money they put into this program by the end of their course, and within a year of qualifying, many have begun working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in their own practice or as a part of another.

Our lecturers are the best teachers with the highest quality course materials and curriculum for optimal learning experiences. Our instructors have experienced tens of thousands of hours in clinical work and can teach you how to practice too, using your own personality and confidence to become another successful Clinical Hypnotherapist like them.

The Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD) Course is a 10-month practical application course that was created to allow you to competently and successfully flourish in private practice with the knowledge that you have the support of CPHT at any time. If you need advice personally or professionally, CPHT will always be here for you.

CPHT specialises in producing graduates who are able to become full-time or part-time practitioners and do so successfully as a career. What makes our program different than the rest, is CPHT is recognised as the most “up to date” course available on this subject and the research included during coursework involving: neuroscience, Solution Focused techniques, Brain based Therapy, CBT, NLP, as well as practical experience.

This gives our graduates the best possible edge and starting platform to begin their careers.
The course is predominantly Solution Focused, but we do not ignore other practicing options. We teach the best of NLP and CBT as well. Once you have completed 120 hours of classroom study and practice between sessions) over a period of 10-months, you will receive a full Diploma qualification (DSFH) and the nationally accredited (NCFE) Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD). Upon your graduation, you will officially be able to use the professional letters: DSFH, HPD, AfSFH, LNCP, MNCH (Reg), LAPHP, and GQHP.

Check out the dates, application form, course contents, and fees and apply for the next course and get started on your new career with Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training. Your future as a Clinical Hypnotherapist starts at Plymouth’s CPHT campus.

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