Hypnotherapy training Cornwall and Devon

Hypnotherapy training Cornwall and hypnotherapy training in Devon is available now. Our company is experienced in providing hypnotherapy within the counties of Cornwall and Devon plus some surrounding areas. We are Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training (CPHT) and our training centre for South West England is in Plymouth. We offer training courses that allow our successful students to become fully qualified hypnotherapists. If you are seriously considering a career as a hypnotherapist and Plymouth is the nearest training centre simply contact us for further details. A rewarding new career could be closer than you thought possible.

Hypnotherapy is becoming increasingly popular in the UK so now is as good as time as any to become a qualified hypnotherapist. With more people wanting to use the services of hypnotherapists it makes sense to get qualified as quickly as possible. At CPHT our lecturers are well-qualified and experienced in guiding their students to pass all the tests they have to sit to gain their diplomas.

After successfully completing our course students graduate with the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma or HPD. This course needs to be passed before anyone can practice as a hypnotherapist. In our Plymouth centre the Senior Lecturer for the CPHT Course is David Newton, and the other lectures are given by Matthew Cahill. This centre is one of the most successful in the country in terms of people taking and subsequently passing the course. Nationally CPHT have allowed hundreds of people become fully qualified and practicing hypnotherapists.

For students looking for even better qualifications the Plymouth centre teaches and does the tests for the Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma or AHD. The AHD is also taught by David Newton and Matthew Cahill. People that gain the AHD can become senior practitioners in hypnotherapy, and also teach it if they want to do so.

For excellent training in hypnotherapy contact us to arrange your place on our next course now, and give yourself the chance to have a rewarding as well as a successful career. Visit our website: www.cphtplymouth.co.uk to find out more.

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