Hypnotherapy Training in Devon

Well, PL37a are moving into their 8th month now and they are all doing very well. It’s great to see such a high level of skills being using in the training room and everybody on the course has already helped many family, friends and members of the general public via the hypnotherapy training. Last session we spent quite some time studying the neuroscience of obesity, everybody found this fascinating and it was a reminder of the difficultly many people face when trying to lose weight. Obviously, modern hypnotherapy focuses on a more long term approach to ensure a high success level for the customer. We know most short term weight loss plans never stand the test of time, so it is important to get the best results possible.
We have students from all over Devon and Cornwall attending the weekday course here in Plymouth, on the weekend courses we have students from all over the country coming to CPHT Plymouth Hypnotherapy Training in Devon.

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